Linda Coppens Bio/CV

Linda Coppens is a versatile painter who works in acrylics and oil & cold wax. Her work is mostly abstract.
Her oil & cold wax paintings seem at first sight to be heavily influenced by the colour field paintings of Mark Rothko. Her acrylic paintings, with their layering of colour and use of graphical lines seem to be influenced by Richard Diebenkorn. But further acquaintance with Linda's unique biography and the sources and inspirations behind her work, reveal an artist who has passion, intellectual rigour and solid technique to create an original body of work.

Linda is originally from Aalst, Belgium and was educated as a psychologist. She now lives near Brussels and some periods of the year in Spain.
Although her professional career continued in another direction, her interest in the human being led to the development of her signature artistic theme: the complexity of the human being and the influence of our past experiences on our current experiences.
Further study and experimentation led Linda to develop her own techniques for exploring the subject.
She studied drawing and painting at the Academy of Visual Arts in Liedekerke and took intensive workshops in Belgium and France.  Exploring and experimenting with new materials and ideas are part of her daily practice.

Selected exhibitions


Linéair /Dilbeek/Belgium 
Open Atelier Ternat 2017 (Open studios tour)
Exhibition - CC Strombeek/Belgium


Exhibition - Guest artist at Lydia Smets (glass art) Open House 
Exhibition "A visual Conversation" - CC Asse/Belgium
Kunstzomer Leke - kunstroute


Open House/atelier Linda Coppens
E-Musée-exhibition Ghent (Belgium)
E-Mixed - group exhibition Eeklo (Belgium)


Open House/atelier Linda Coppens
Porter Novelli business event – group exhibition


Kunstroute Kortemark (Belgium)
Arstudio Knokke (Belgium)
Espace Art Gallery Brussels (Belgium)
RV Contemporary Art Kortrijk (Belgium)


Lubrizol (Luxemburg)
Art Decor Luxe Shop Gallery – Ciney (Belgium)
Miele International (Luxemburg)
ArtHill Gallery (Belgium)
Enovos (Luxemburg)
CASC Europe (Luxemburg)
Fuchs & Associés (Luxemburg)


Art Decor Luxe Shop Gallery – Ciney (Belgium)
Banque Lloyds TSB (Luxemburg)
Art galery Schepens – Zele (Belgium)
AG2R – La Mondiale (Luxemburg)
Erste Europaische Bank  (Luxemburg)


Art Galery Gerda De Jonghe – Lennik (Belgium)
Galerie Kunstobjectief – Lochristi (Belgium)
Domaine de la Motte – Bousval (Belgium)
Salon International de Sainte Marie la Mer (France)
Salon International des Arts Contemporains à Bruxelles (Belgium)
54e Salon International des arts plastiques de Béziers  (France)
Art galery Schepens – Zele (Belgium)


Lineart – International Art fair Ghent (Belgium)
Kruispunt Denderleeuw (Belgium)
Art galery Schepens – Zele (Belgium

20004 - 2008     

Artitude – Indigo Studios Brussel (Belgium)
Salon Libr’art – Libramont  (Belgium)
Salon Libr’art – Libramont  (Belgium)
Abbey Affligem (Belgium) 
Belle op Aarde – Art Event Schellebelle (Belgium) 
’t Kasteeltje – Denderleeuw (Belgium)
Kasteel La Motte – Sint Ulriks-Kapelle (Belgium) 


1998-2004  Drawing – Academy of visual arts Liedekerke
2004-2009  Painting - Academy of visual arts Liedekerke
2004-2009   Workshop/Greg Allen (Australian painter), workshops in France/Leo Musch (Dutch painter).
2013  Oil & cold wax with Judy Wise (Oregon, US), Extreme composition with Jane Davies (Vermont, US) 


Private collections in US, Wailuku/Hawaii, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium