Artist Statement

My passion is creating richly textured and colorful abstract paintings of which the surfaces elude to the many layers that lie beneath.
I work in acrylic/oil/mixed media on paper, canvas or panel.
My work starts with some marks or shapes on which I build layer by layer.
I am a process-oriented painter, I never plan a painting or work from sketches, I just decide to start and one mark, shape or color will suggest the next color or gesture.
The theme throughout my work is about the complexity of the human being and the influence of our past experiences on our current experiences. The different transparent and opaque layers in my paintings refer to the layers of memory and the influence of our past experiences on the present. Each experience is coloured by the foregoing. Each layer shows signs of previous layers and includes pieces of life that are trapped inside. Sometimes these traces and pieces of life come to the surface and determine how the surface looks like, sometimes they stay hidden underneath but there always remain traces.
I love to play and experiment with color and materials. My biggest pleasure (but sometimes also frustration) lies in creating chaos on the canvas or paper and then taking up the challenge of creating harmony within this chaos. I build up parts and destroy other parts. With each layer I seek answers and I add or subtract elements to obtain a new equilibrium.
To me, this reflects the increasingly frenetic life and the balance we need to find within.
There is no guiding message in my paintings, only an invitation to the viewer to appreciate it in her/his own way.