Linda lives and works in Ternat near Brussels and some periods of the year in Spain.
In her early life, Linda was always scribbling and drawing but becoming an artist was not really an option in a family with no artistic antecedents.
She got a Master in Psychology but her interest in art remained and twenty years later, she decided to do it properly. She entered the Art Academy in Liedekerke, Belgium where she completed both a Drawing Certificate and a Painting Certificate and discovered her passion for abstract art. She then explored art on her own, complemented with advanced art workshops before leaping out into the art world in 2009.

She has since participated in more than thirty group shows.

Linda’s work centers on bringing forth positive and harmonious forces to balance the increasingly frenetic world we are living in. Her mission is to create colorful and vibrant abstract paintings that offer a moment to pause, inhale and resurface.
Linda is inspired by life itself. She is fascinated by the human mind with all its complex mysteries and by the immense beauty of nature.
She uses oil & cold wax to represent the layers of memory and the interplay between our past experiences and the present. In her paintings, each layer contains traces of previous layers. Some of them come to the surface and determine how the surface looks like, some stay hidden underneath but there always remain traces.

For Linda, being an artist is about continually evolving, it’s about searching and finding her way as she creates. It’s about experimentation and keeping experimenting in order to evolve and be able to create works that astonish her. Therefore, playing and experimenting with color, materials and ideas, are part of Linda’s daily practice.